Full Time Pastor in Southwest Nebraska

Two churches in rural southwest Nebraska who have shared one pastor for decades are looking for their next pastor. This is a full-time position: salary plus housing and utilities, phone, gas allowance for visitation etc., health insurance and pension. These expenses are split between the two churches. The two churches have a highly functional relationship in which they operate independently from each other yet cooperate to call and support a pastor. Lewellen is a church of about 40-50, and Oshkosh is currently running about 20-30. Both churches have good facilities located on Hwy 26 about 11 miles apart from each other. The pastor must have a strong appreciation for small-town life. Oshkosh has a population of about 850, and Lewellen about 250. The area is located in the beautiful sandhills of Nebraska, about 2.5 hours north of the Denver metro area (about 3 hours to Denver Intl Airport).